Beeswax foundation

Beeswax sheets, standard sizes

Cellsizes 4,9, 5,1 and 5,3. Price per kilo.

Natural cellsizes
• Several thousand more cells in a box
• Room for more brood in the broodroom
• Stronger honeycombs
• Faster evaporation of nectar

NOTE! Don´t forget to choose size and cellsize next to the "Add to cart" button before you order. If no cellsize is chosen, 5,1 will be delivered which is standard.

If you choose Special Measure, please write Height x Length (in mm) in the textfield in the Order form when you check out. Refer to the product ID. On Special Measure orders with a total weight under 50 kilos a 40 SEK adjust fee will be added.

Beeswax sheets 1
Beeswax sheets
225.00 kr
Beeswax sections 1-01
Beeswax sections
215.00 kr
Wax in block 1-02
Wax in block
215.00 kr
Drone wax foundation sheets 1-92
Drone wax foundation sheets
236.00 kr