Krav-godkänt renseri
Krav clearing!
Wax handling

Clearing wax waste is a commission of trust which must result in a completely honest treatment of all parts, big as well as small. We clear each part separately. We consider it alpha and omega for the clearing.

Everything that gets in touch with the wax at ours is stainless material. This gives our honeycombs an extraordinary beautiful and yellow colour, which is appreciated by the bees as well as the beekeeper. Send us your waste jointly in the union, at least 10 members, and you will receive a great discount. It is also possible to leave the waste to one of our retailers. Address labels and specifications for joint consignments are available.

For all members in joint consignments, name, address, postal address and telephone number should be stated. KRAV-customers have to send a copy of the registration certificate. If you want us to discard some frames after the clearing, write "To be burned" on the package. No extra cost for the frame will be demanded. Pure wax is accepted for rolling throughout the year. Isolated boxes are not accepted for disinfection.

Following pressure from many beekeepers refusing to get Apistan in their wax, we are now able to treat your wax separately if you write a certificate with your name, address and telephone number and mark your packages "SEPARATE TREATMENT".

Do not use any unpermitted antimoth preparations
B401 is the most suitable antimoth preparation. It is biological acetic acid, which will keep the moth away and it is not harmful for the bees and humans. They are on page 20 in our catalog.
All wax waste is inspected before taken care of in our wax establishment. Wax and wax waste afflicted with forbidden antimoth preparations will be burned. Consequently, people not having used forbidden antimoth preparations can feel safe. We do not handle wax like that, we burn it. The frames can sometimes be used depending on which poison that has been used. During the recent years, many people have used the new "Paradimal". This preparation can absolutely not be used in wax. There is a prohibition to sell "Paradimal" since 20-10-1994. Remember that the bees store the honey in the vax and we eat the honey. There are strict regulations for chemicals and insecticides.

Extra fee for frames affected by wax moth
The wax moth eats your wax. Our work gets harder if frames and vax are affected. For affected consigments we charge an extra fee.

You must specify number of consigments and cellsize
Besides name, adress and phone you must specify the number of consigments on your delivery and also the cellsize you want. If information about cellsize is missing we deliver 5,1 mm.

Plastic middle walls
Frames with plastic middle walls are not accepted for cleaning.

Marino Svensson